Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facebook Poker Chip Adder/Generator - 100% Working (Zynga) Latest

Previously chip adder already banned by youtube and Zynga. New chip adder has been release recently.
This program 100% Working as of 13 June 2009! I found this program about two days ago and i thought I’d share it. You can only request up to 60 Million but hey, free chips! I found the program only works with Zynga: Facebook Poker and you can only request 60 Million chips every two days. If you read the 'about' on the actual program it explains it all there. I found the new updated one: now you have to enter your current chips too. Still works though, tested on 13 June 09. Good Luck!
Download Links:


pippie said...

the link doesn't work!!!!!

Logs said...

Facebook Zynga Poker Bot :: Z-Bot Alpha v9.4

Tutorial ::
Download ::

ukzzRider said...

tht one dont work either

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